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Robert Grasso

Founder of Play Football Academy
Hi, I’m Rob. At work, most of my students tower over the top of me because of my small stature; but I’ve come to terms with it.

It’s been twenty-two years now; I’ve heard every short joke in the book.

However, I’ve got a big heart and a lot of experience dealing with kids from the ages of four through to my own age of twenty-two; as I have worked within schools supporting children with both physical and learning disabilities. Utilizing my bachelor degree in education; specializing in physical education. I would like to welcome you to a space where education and football collide to create an inclusive academy for young children to learn more than just skills about the beautiful game.

In all seriousness…

In my mind, teaching is a career for life. In this forever changing world we are always learning and evolving. This ideology can very easily be applied to football. My love and passion for the beautiful game began when I was six years old; pulling up my very oversized blue socks, representing Para Hills west soccer club.

Since then, I have represented Salisbury Villa, Playford Patriots, Metro Stars, Adelaide University and Modbury Vista Soccer Club.

Throughout my eighteen years of playing...

Throughout my eighteen years of playing, I’ve always had a voice and vision for coaching. My first experience of this was at Adelaide University Soccer Club, where I was appointed as Assistant Coach for the State League Two men’s reserves squad in 2021. I was fortunate enough to be appointed as the State League Two, under 18s coach at Adelaide University Soccer Club for 2023; a role that I couldn't be more thrilled to have obtained.

Most recently, I have completed the Football Australia ‘C’ License along with the Australian Sports Commission Coaching Principles Certificate in order to further develop my own skills and knowledge; as it is a critical part of my personal progress as a current player and coach.
putting your child first
I am an approachable, passionate, enthusiastic and somewhat humorous individual who will put your child’s needs and goals first.

The development of this academy is a passion project to help children unlock their physical and psychological potential through physical education, not a money-making scheme to promote the creation of superstars.
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We’re passionate about giving your child the opportunity to develop their understanding of the interconnectedness between preparation and success, emotional regulation, persistence and diversity; all through the teachings of football and its complexities.
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