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That are about more than just teaching your child how to play the game
We're passionate about giving young people valuable life skills both on and off the field. We strive to imbue them with  valuable coping skills for when life doesn't always go their way. We aim to build character, acceptance and resilience.
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"My daughter taught me about some of the stress coping strategies she was taught in the last clinic she attended"
Theresa Webb

How are we different?

At Play Football Academy we combine the best of scientific training and engaging teaching methodologies, because learning should be fun.
More than the fundamentals
Most academy’s promote the idea of building great athletes through the implementation of an overpriced, over the top and inconvenient set-up. We’re passionate about giving young people more than just the fundamental tools to play football successfully and improve their skills; all at an affordable cost.
Skills on and off the field
We aim to provide valuable life skills and lessons through the play of the sport; allowing for these skills to be transferable on and off the pitch
A safe program for every child
We acknowledge children need to exercise; we provide a safe, community oriented program for your child to experience just that! Our programs are designed to be age appropriate
We are passionate about teaching
Our programs are taught by great mentors who are passionate about what they do. We aim to teach your children through play!
Where sports and education meet
We will be utilising psychological teaching theories to deliver structured and engaging programs to teach children. The Play Football Academy is where sport and education meet.
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junior player learning football
Junior Development Program:
The Junior Development Program focuses on teaching children the basic skills they need in order to play football successfully.

Through our carefully constructed teaching sequences, children will gradually develop their fine and gross motor skills having completed a variety of manipulative and locomotor football drills.

We are passionate about the psychology behind developing a positively minded child, therefore, each session will have a theme focus; resilience, team work, perseverance, emotional regulation, goal setting, focus and self-confidence.
This program is catered towards children aged 7-12 years.
No previous football skill, knowledge or club affiliation is required.
elite program players on the soccer pitch
Elite Performance Program:
The Elite Performance Program focuses on enhancing specialized movement skills within the game of football.

As an adolescent achieves proficient stages of specific skills that are taught through this program, refinement of the pattern and stylistic teaching variations will occur.

This program is constructed to challenge and demand the child to become more precise, accurate, internally motivated and honest with themselves as the focus is to take their physical and psychological game to the next level.

This program caters towards adolescents aged 13-17 years of age.
Prior football skill and knowledge is required, club affiliation is not.
junior player trainign 1 on 1 with the coach
1 on 1 training:
1 on 1 training allows for improvement to be fostered in greater detail.

We pride ourselves on wanting to offer personalized coaching to reach the needs and goals of any child, whether they have years of playing experience or none at all.

The beauty of this training style is that it is specific. Specificity means that every activity and every drill is done with more purpose, emphasizing a desired outcome; to become better, both physically and psychologically.
This training is readily available for ages 7-19 years of age.
No prior football skill, knowledge or club affiliation required.
school clinic soccer match
School clinics:
The Play Football Academy is passionate about giving young people valuable life skills - both on and off the pitch.

Our school clinics syllabus allows for another way for children to experience what our academy is all about.

At an affordable cost, our staff will work with schools across the state, providing a safe and educational experience for children to gain valuable coping skills for when life doesn’t go their way, all taught through the beautiful game of football.

This training is readily available for ages 7-19 years of age.
No prior football skill, knowledge or club affiliation required.
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We’re passionate about giving your child the opportunity to develop their understanding of the interconnectedness between preparation and success, emotional regulation, persistence and diversity; all through the teachings of football and its complexities.
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