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Junior Development Program

This program is catered towards children aged 7-12 years.
No previous football skill, knowledge or club affiliation is required.
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Before you enroll your child

Please read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS these are for the safety and well being of all our students.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, but read the FAQ section below first, your question may have already been answered.

junior Football program in adelaide

The Junior Development Program focuses on teaching children the basic skills they need in order to play football successfully. Through our carefully constructed teaching sequences, children will gradually develop their fine and gross motor skills having completed a variety of manipulative and locomotor football drills.
We are passionate about the psychology behind developing a positively minded child, therefore, each session will have a theme focus; resilience, team work, perseverance, emotional regulation, goal setting, focus and self-confidence. This program is catered towards children aged 7-12 years. No previous football skill, knowledge or club affiliation is required.

frequently asked Questions

What do I need to bring?
Please bring a drink bottle, hat, appropriate sportswear suited to the weather, soccer boots and most importantly…shin guards and soccer socks!
How long does it take?
Our programs are designed to be fast paced and packed with loads of engaging activities! This all takes place within the time frame of 1 hour.
What happens if practice is cancelled?
Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. If a session is cancelled, the coaching staff will text, email or call you to let you know.

You can then email Play Football Academy to organise your makeup session. The decision on whether a class will go ahead is made prior to the session, not the day before.
EI, EURL, SASU ou MDA, Pakko est -il compatible?
Yes you can import data from old invoices or external invoices for the current year. Several at a time thanks to our multiple import function or one by one on the invoice page. With this feature, it is very easy to register mid-year!
What happens if I can’t make it to practice for that day?
Not attending a session without notifying the academy will result in the forfeit of that session, therefore, the session can not be made up at another scheduled time for the player(s) who were absent.
Does the academy give refunds when absences occur?
No refunds will be provided, unless there is an exemption made by the academy.

Refunds will only occur in the incident of a child’s incapability to return to make up a session due to chronic illness, broken limbs, or other extreme injuries or circumstances.

In the unfortunate occurrence of such, the academy must be notified promptly.
So what happens after I enrol my child?
After completing the payment process you will receive an automated email confirming your chosen program, session time and location of the session.


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We’re passionate about giving your child the opportunity to develop their understanding of the interconnectedness between preparation and success, emotional regulation, persistence and diversity; all through the teachings of football and its complexities.
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