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Why Play Football Academy?

In my mind, any successful individual has some level of passion for what they do for work. Their passion is what drives them toward success in capacities that are away from a dollar figure. Maybe, their work is emotionally rewarding? Maybe, it’s physically and psychologically rewarding? Perhaps, their mission outweighs everything; the underlying similarity that I have found most successful businesses have.

Personally, my mission is always going to outweigh everything else. My work is emotionally, physically and psychologically rewarding because I have developed a platform where I can showcase my knowledge in children’s education and football development; two of my passions.

You may be wondering; how did I stumble across the idea of developing a football academy?

It’s no secret…I have seen, learnt and done the necessary research to realize that I have entered a competitive market. I’m noticing more soccer academies launching, soccer clubs opening and a new rise in competitive coaches across our state getting involved in extra curricular programs within secondary school settings.

So, what’s missing from them? Are they affordable? What level of coaching or educational background do these people have? What is their mission?

If you can’t answer those questions, you’re sending your child to the wrong club, the wrong coach, the wrong academy.

The Play Football Academy was designed to move away from the objectives and missions that most of my competitors already possess. Unlike others, we aren’t here to promote the development of professional athletes. By all means, we are here to provide a service that may contribute to your child’s playing potential and development toward a goal of playing at a professional level. The mission, however, is to help contribute to the development of good human beings through a sport specific approach. An inclusive approach to the psychological development of a child.

Yes, the service we provide will improve your child’s football skills, whilst improving their health, fine and gross motor skills and fundamental movement patterns. They’ll make new friends, overcome challenges and learn new things whilst having fun. However, this academy seeks to put an emphasis on the development of the young mind.

We are not just concerned about what our students can do with a ball at their feet. We are concerned about what is going on in their minds, and how the skills they have been taught by attending the academy can be transferable across the many contexts that make up a child’s life.


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We’re passionate about giving your child the opportunity to develop their understanding of the interconnectedness between preparation and success, emotional regulation, persistence and diversity; all through the teachings of football and its complexities.
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